an Intentional Essential Vehicle by EQUIPEACE Media/EQUIPEACE Trade

for Companies hauled by People’ Talent (not the other way around).

You may have guessed that the ‘trailer’ above, metaphorically represents a Company Organisation Structure, with in front a TalentTruck™ for Inspired Business Movement.

People’s opinions may have been much more valuable than perhaps believed/assumed.
Instead of fitting People’s talent in companies directions, ……. you guessed it? ……. fit companies according to People’s talent.

With Talent first, Companies may be:

  • updated,
  • expanded,
  • reorganised,
  • merged or
  • dissolved* -) perhaps parts reused elsewhere.
*) dissolved: Seemingly this may happen more if a company tries to ignore placing talent first.

Some of Our approach is that PEACE EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCE) in this Universe may be attained via People’ Talent, given for that purpose and further future.


TalentTruck™ is part of Idealivity™ Program (Corporate) Membership.

Members may use name: TalentTruck™ for communication in- & outside their Company, if applicable TalentTrucks™ if for multiple Companies.


forwarded domains:

  • talenttruck.com(/.UK/.org)
  • talenttrucks.com(/.UK/.org)
  • inspiredbusinessmovement.com(/.UK/.org)