Trading is also included for attaining PEACE EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCE).

FAIRELA.BIZ is an Intentional Essential Module about:

  • Fair Relational Business (e.g. trading)
  • FAIRE-LA-BIZ – French for: DO/MAKE THE BIZ – (Fair Relational thus).

People (for companies: (Potential) Clients):

  • are Family-members*

Companies whom participate with FAIRELA.BIZ™ would try to:

  • percept and treat you as Family
  • suggest (a) seemingly more fitting product(s)/service(s) (preferably from (an) other FAIRELA.BIZ™ participant(s)), if called/moved to do so.
*) see DELIGHTCASE™ some approach

revision.exchange™-communication modus:

This communication modus, with FAIRELA.BIZ, is intended for beneficial updating existence at planet Earth and/in this Universe, a way to try to exist, for PEACE EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCE).


for company (co-)owners (also pre-startups):

If you have an active Idealivity™ Program (Corporate) Membership, you are asked to try to apply FAIRELA.BIZ. No extra financial fee, because this Module is included with Idealivity Program (Corporate) Membership.

Participation page

Accepted participants may place this logo, with link from their company internet site(s) to their participation page(s) at: befriendland.com/fairela_biz-tm/…….

—| No listings for PEACEable, Familiair participation effort at this moment. |—


Intentional (random) monitoring by EQUIPEACE Trade.


forwarded domains:

  • fairela.com(/.UK/.org)
  • fairelabiz.com(/.UK/.org)

modenvision: FAIRELA.BIZ™

envision FAIRELA.BIZ™ module in action
a fashion boutique

a fashion boutique

scenario: Meryll, who felt like buying some clothes, found a boutique with FAIRELA.BIZ™ participation…