EQUIPEACE Store™ intends to Equip for PEACE EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCE) for Our FAMILY(*).

*) see DELIGHTCASE™ some approach

Approach for products- & services sorts, with revision.exchange™ communication modus:

For both personal & professional, there are functionality ‘layers’.

Brainstorm.LOVE™ Productive.Voyage™ Homey.events™/sparetime.events™ [at this site] lists some matters which may be beneficially improved by adding and/or updating (in)directly related functionality layers.

functionality layers in between

Functionality layers, examples:

  • homeyness(**)
  • relational
  • efficiency
  • effectiveness
**) homeyness: "Homey People may make a house, other places including areas outdoors, feel homey."

An above example layer:

  • is very wide/broad. Zooming in: nichès may be noticed and/or discovered
  • may need to be balanced (more) beneficially with other functional layer(s) for attaining PEACE EQUILIBRIUM.

Note that companies whom have a ‘rich-level’ at finances, could have other areas that let to be desired. In other words, try to see beyond finances, when it comes to try to uplift.

What’s intended in Store?

Providing Membership-services via internet (from/via Headquarters EQUIPEACE Trade at Netherlands), which seemingly beneficially contribute for PEACE, is what EQUIPEACE Store™ is for.

EQUIPEACE Shop™(s) &/or EQUIPEACE Boutique™(s) OR (EQUIPEACE Productions™ &) EQUIPEACE Services™ at your own (company) internet site(s)?

If accepted,
~ for company/companies (co-)owner(s)***, your:

  • EQUIPEACE Shop™(s) showroom(s) and/or EQUIPEACE Boutique™(s) showroom(s)
    • at your (co-)owned company/companies internet site(s) …

~ for (not-)company/companies (co-)owner(s)***, your:

  • (EQUIPEACE Productions™ showroom(s) and) EQUIPEACE Services™ showroom(s)
    • at your ‘not (co-)owned company’s/companies internet site(s) …

… will intentionally:

  1. be part of EQUIPEACE Store™ at befriendland.com
  2. display/showcase your: (downloadable .pdf’s with) Membership-service(s) with PEACE-oriented description(s) and URL-link(s) to these/this (product(s) with) service(s) purchasable at online EQUIPEACE Store™ at befriendland.com

***) for (co-)owner(s): if applicable, company/companies, with per company financial total share(s) revenue:

  • from 250.000 GBP and more:
  • range 0 – 250.000 GBP:
    • EQUIPEACE Store™ participation, with EQUIPEACE.Services™ (& EQUIPEACE.Productions™), Basic Friendimating Membership pre-requisite, with financial fee asked by EQUIPEACE Media/Trade. (try to register and contact EQUIPEACE.CENTER at befriendland.com)


Via EQUIPEACE.Services™, if accepted, talent may be requested from EQUIPEACE Media/Trade via EQUIPEACE Store™.

Release from talent(s) of participants may beneficially add &/or update functional layers, related to things (and Beings).

participating suppliers | compensation

From whom you provide service to via EQUIPEACE Trade, you’ll perhaps receive:

  • Job(s) (for example via International Payroll service letsdeel.com)
  • company/companies stock/shares
  • if you have (a) registered company/companies: request to send an invoice for provided services: evaluating & reporting with advising, designing &/or ideating

Intentional Essentials

participanting providers | some approach

For EQUIPEACE Store™ providing participants, try to apply the following EQUIPEACE Trade modules:

    • doing business Fair Relational (also for not-company/companies-owners). Other People are FAMILY members (see some approach: DELIGHTCASE™)


Idealivity™ Program (Corporate) Membership (also pre-startup) | per year


Momentarily no listing(s)


Momentarily no listing(s)

EQUIPEACE Productions™

Momentarily no listing(s)


Momentarily no listing(s)


mapped domains:

  • EQUIPEACE.Boutique
  • EQUIPEACE.Productions
  • EQUIPEACE.Services

forwarded domains:

  • talentcore.lease
  • talentcorelease.com(/.UK/.org)