Response to book ‘Job Shock, by Harry S. Dent’

Around 2004 We some read this book ‘Job Shock’ and We have some discussed this highly important matter: desirable employment.

Automation replaced much manual labour with mostly a financial ‘efficiency’ approach. A side note that some previously manual jobs, related to job safety that let to be desired, were later more done by robots. We believe that has been progress. That being said…

There has been an important question that arose with Us, related to book ‘Job Shock’ and that is: What manual (self) employment will there possibly be in the future?

In yesterday [2 July 2022] We had a discussion and a theoretical example was related to harvesting ‘fruit’ from a forest. While harvesting fruit may have been considered a chore, We believe that could have mainly been because of the reward of harvesting, sometimes perhaps against minimum financial wages.

If it was not to try to generate financial income with performance demand, but for example as a leisure activity with dear friends, harvesting and moments in between may be a very rewarding activity.

Another matter which was discussed was education. With for example many different tastes and in contrary to mass mostly one-way communication, more personal group interaction without large groups.

For example, an English class with 7 participants and an instructor at a time interacting/communicating with each other, via a video-meeting. These 7 participants may have watched a recording from approx. 1pm to 2 pm, without instructor and meet a 2pm for approx. 30 minutes with an instructor via video-meeting related to that recording, to discuss/practice what was some observed. Another group may have started watching this recording from approx. 1:45pm to 2:45pm and meet at approx. 2:45pm with that same instructor for approx. 30 minutes.

With many different preferences, there may be much room for various teaching/work styles, instead of one-size fits all.


update: 7 July 2022

Co-created a new Intentional Essential Module, related to ‘Job Shock book’-response:

FriendsBe.One™ concept for Activities with intentional (more) befriending chances.