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  • We are all FAMILY | since +/- 1970y. ago ability to sin ended | 1 John 2 was not completely true, neither whole bible, atonement and reconciliation was for the whole world | pre-destination by existence VIA, VIA, Via etc. until at least coming ‘BIG’ ROTATION (+ Out together, Home together.)
  • Intimacy, since last +/- 1970 years, marriage has not been heavenly valid nor required anymore. Like angels in heaven without marriage (Matt 22:30).
  • If people did evil actions in past, that was because of error(s) in belief construction(s), caused by [evil] darkness, with ‘blindness’-state(s) (not (enough) love for siblings), and could not be prevented. “darkness shall pass away” (1 John 2) and [evil] darkness has been a cargo of Magic (not MAGIC). People did not self-design their situations, neither their belief construction(s).
  • DEITY ‘FATHER’/MOTHER YeHuWeH (BRAHMA) (MAGIC) and Deity Mother/’Father’ Gaia-Vishnu-Venus (Magic) “were dealt cards” by existence & could not prevent situations and course of actions.
  • Mother & ‘Father’ Gaia-Vishnu-Venus & animals were connected to darkness, but situation in their Own spiritual realm situation was different than what translated into our biological physical Universe and had for example for a big part to do with undesired cargo (things not (higher) beings) in own Habitational Space. Their Home was not in a desirable state and a clean state was wished for.
  • In past, people authority-related lower than Jesus/Shiva, YeHuWeH(BRAHMA)/Gaia-Vishnu-Venus, had magic (without capital letters) available (words spoken/thought), within boundaries of Magic & above that: HIGHER MAGIC. (original Spiritual Names Jesus/YeHuWeH/Gaia-Vishnu-Venus?)
  • If People still have animal [heart] nature dominating, will after THE LIGHT dominates in them, ‘be spiritually updated’: death to old animal [heart] nature & receive complete human [heart] nature.
  • For some to try to end own existence, to flee from perhaps judgement-attempts by other people, was probably because there was not enough weight in a balance scale available to try NOT to do that.
    Judgments were not from THE LIGHT, neither from YeHuWeH (BRAHMA). People could not prevent past course of actions, again: this had to do with situations & belief constructions they did not self-design.
    People may believe that PEACE is coming, and while We believe that too, it may be earlier than expected if All People in this Universe believe they deserve to be treated innocent.
  • Jesus’ standard is different in comparison to old Hebrew law. (original name Hebrew?)
  • Before atonement, there were some spiritual ‘short circuit’-situations regarding some intimacy between some people. After atonement, these spiritual ‘short circuits’ regarding intimacy, no longer existed.
  • YeHuWeH(BRAHMA)’FATHER’/MOTHER & Gaia-Vishnu-Venus Mother/’Father’ LOVE their Children/children. Communication with their children let to be desired and this is because of what is communicationally related possible via ‘In The Spirit’ and also that there are many children and to personally have a conversation with each child has organisatorically let to be desired.
  • All People have very good tried to do their best with what they were given, again: including their situations and belief construction(s) they did not self design.
    THE LOVE became available to all people in this Universe approximately 1970 years ago. If applicable, for those whom did not seem to (enough) love siblings, there has been innate desire to be loved and to belong, which all FAMILY-members (including all people in this Universe) deserve. Lacking feeling of ‘being FAMILY-oriented desired’ and belonging would have created attempts to detour towards meeting this innate desire. If that seemed unattainable, or as a cry for help, ending their existence may have been tried in past, with for them seemingly fitting actions.
    THE LOVE has not been a feeling, but has been another wording for LOGIC acts aligned with (believed) TRUE principles (in this biological physical Universe)), weighing options (with denominators and their values), weighing considered perhaps scenarios & some Logic/LOGIC existed because experienced Feelings/FEELINGS.
    Some LOGIC: instead of possession of things > ownership of things, regard all People in this Universe innocent, momentarily only HOPE for PEACE situation for you and all FAMILY-members in this Universe.
  • Trying to shine spiritual LIGHT can not be forced.
    People on Earth do not have LIGHT of themselves, they may pass on some THE LIGHT which spiritually shines out through them.
    Trying to force shining, could in past have hindered some People to be authentically themselves.
    For example, for with willpower trying to shine LIGHT with spiritual crown, for those whom have experienced that, may have seemingly worked some, but only because it was given from HIGHER. Trying to think of spiritual crown (not trying selves/self to shine some THE LIGHT from) and then to try to notify SOURCES whom may pass on some THE LIGHT to shine through ‘your’ crown is a suggested approach.
  • CROWN/Crown/crown is gendered male and is a rational overlay over
    HEART/Heart/heart gendered female.
    A parallel Universe exists with CROWN/Crown/crown gendered female and is a rational overlay over HEART/Heart/heart gendered male.
  • Beings/things (intimately) spiritually connected to (intimate of) spiritual parents via Jesus/Shiva & The Spirit.
  • Both biological physical men & women have, for residing in it 2 female half souls (together 1 soul, like Adam was 1 with Eve, before Eve was separated from Adam and received her own flesh body). This is besides soul-mate (2 half souls) in parallel Universe. Both 2 middle half souls have 4 available personas: 2 right (female-with-male-overlay & female) & 2 left (female & female-with-male-overlay), of which each half soul can interface with 1 persona at a time, possible that both half souls interact with the same persona, a persona is then full soul. Both half souls have ‘male’/female giving & female/’male’ receiving modus, with if applicable reconnections (spiritual re-wiring) to enable (intimate) interaction at a spiritual level. (historical names Adam & Eve?)
    Spiritual giving & receiving flow may be reversed (by HIGHER) with (intimate) interaction and Spiritual (Physical) Reality is HIGHER than biological physical reality.

crown/heart identity: if applicable, for the first time, try with mind to experience some true crown/heart identity (not rationally fabricated idea of some crown/heart identity):

Imagine your mind attention – zoom back your attention inside your head as far as comfortably possible – this is beyond biological physical eyes – in the back of your mind.
From that position, imagine your heart releasing flow (not blood flow) towards your mind. If you (some) notice a bubble around your mind, that is a rational bubble which is active. If you have not experienced heart flow without rational bubble, then rational bubble is not cleared.
If you (some) notice a rational bubble around your mind, imagine your heart releasing ‘heart bubbles’ towards your mind. (heart flow in form of bubbles (not via blood-veins)). Imagine these heart bubbles, bubbling up against your rational bubble. This is a process that takes some time, depending how ‘polluted’ that rational bubble around your mind is. You may have to do this in stages when you seemingly have time available.
If rational bubble is bubbled away by heart bubbles, rational bubble goes away and heart flow does not produce bubbles at that time anymore.
Try to imagine heart flow entering your mind space, while trying to stay zoomed out in back of your mind. Bubbling may return. Try that for a while, until you feel you can for that moment stop trying to notice heart-(bubble)-flow/mind(space).
Instead of flow from heart to mind, imagine flow from above crown of head to mind.


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