Brainstorm.LOVE™ Productive.Voyage™


Discover better ‘best practices’ for you and/or others, by Brainstorming LOVE for (more) Homey experiences, by trying to use your (spare (leisure)) time beneficially?

Perhaps your approach is that there may later be another world or Universe for Us*. If so, We are not there at this moment.

*) see DELIGHTCASE™ some approach

At this Place, for PEACE EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCE), You are invited to try to beneficially improve Our real present planet and existence on it.
(some approach: functionality ‘layers’ [at this site])™-communication modus:

If applicable, revision each others idea(s) &/or design(s) and exchange those.

‘Best practices’ Brainstorm.LOVE™ Productive.Voyage™ Homey area orientations:

  • International
  • Continental
  • National
  • Provincial/State
  • City/Village
  • Neighbourhood
  • Family Group
  • Family Household
  • Personal

What Homey experiences could be tried to improve via Brainstorm.LOVE™ Productive.Voyage™? For example:

  • food,
  • drinks,
  • body care,
  • clothing,
  • habitation,
  • travel,
  • education,
  • employment,
  • communication,
  • decorations,
  • equipment,
  • infrastructure
  • events.

Suggestion to try to organise (a) Brainstorm.LOVE™ Productive.Voyage™™/™ to try to discover (a) design(s) &/or (an) idea(s) to better our planet. [for commercial use of names Brainstorm.LOVE™,Productive.Voyage™,™ &/or™, including participation page(s) at, see further down this page]


Commercial Use

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(not included non-commercial use within (a) (pre-startup) company/companies):

So that you may with your company/companies initiate & facilitate &/or supply for Brainstorm.LOVE™, Productive.Voyage™,™/™ and advertise with name(s) Brainstorm.Beauty™, Productive.Voyage™,™ &/or™.

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