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Welcome to Befriend.Land™,
an evolution of unitedholland.com

Our Mission here is to attain

We were inspired to try to improve Our Economical system and behaviour at Our Real World where we momentarily are and that in this Universe People will receive immortal bodies.


Some of Our approach is that We are all FAMILY-Members and that We all very good tried to do best with what was given to Us, including Our belief constructions We did not self-design. See DELIGHTCASE™ for some approach for Befriend.Land™.

Perhaps your personal situation, concerning existing beyond survival, let to be desired.

And it may seem that you experienced a ‘long’ journey to be where you are today.

We have tried to listen to some concerns and discuss some of these for trying to meet desires beneficially, including existing beyond survival and some of Our shared FAMILY Journey.

You are invited to join us…

… with TalentTruck™

an Intentional Essential ‘Vehicle’

for Companies hauled by People’s Talent (not the other way around) [more]

… with PublicRe.quest PublicFaire.quest

Public including companies

For Public whom may be asked to try to supply companies with:

  • advising.support™
  • designing.support™
  • ideating.support™

and/or perhaps enter via an ‘open company door’ to become:

  • idealisation.partners™

… with Brainstorm.LOVE™ Productive.Voyage™ Homey.events™/sparetime.events™

Brainstorming to try to discover beneficial updates & voyaging productive … [more]

… with befriend.dating™ befriend.date™

Let yourself be friend while dating…

… and try to make a difference together.

More befriending may be a pleasant side-effect… [more]



… with befriend.studio™ Program scope with pacifi.style™ attitude

For Media Producers* to support them in receiving many/an idea(s) for (some of) their Production Programming. Free** to use this befriend.studio™ Program scope, about adding/updating/’retrieving from’ Homey.Science™ & Homey.Fashion™.

*) Producer for example: (e-)Magazine(s), podcast(s), audio- & video- programs via internet, radio, tv.
**) attribution, but no fee asked by EQUIPEACE Media.

… with FriendsBe.One™

For Activities with intentional increased befriending chances.

… with EQUIPEACE.Store™

to try to Equip for attaining PEACE EQUILIBRIUM

via/by company: DELIGHT Creators [at this site]

First: Management by Objective (goal)
Second: Management by Exception (constraints)

Momentarily a Job Position:


Reporting about attaining PEACE EQUILIBRIUM (BALANCE)
Households Unions? Residential Joining? For Communal Living…

Households Unions? Residential Joining? For Communal Living…

Space, The Final Frontier…? Not only space, even though that has for some let to be desired, but financial affordability too, may favour joining of…
Response to book ‘Job Shock, by Harry S. Dent’

Response to book ‘Job Shock, by Harry S. Dent’

Around 2004 We some read this book ‘Job Shock’ and We have some discussed this highly important matter: desirable employment. Automation replaced much manual labour…
We asked some Corporations if they have Plans to invite Public…

We asked some Corporations if they have Plans to invite Public…

updated 20 July 2022 | We approached some Corporations and received some replies